Before anyone can sit the the intermediate exam they must first have passed the foundation exam. Similarly to sit the advanced exam they must have first passed the intermediate exam. However, it is possible to arrange to sit them one after the other on the same day.


The RSGB publishes a series of books covering the syllabus for all three levels available for ordering on-line from its Training Catalogue web page.

  • ‘Intermediate Licence – Building on the foundation’ is the manual relevant to the intermediate exam.
  • The revision manual ‘amateur radio Exam Secrets’, relevant to all three exams, contains useful additional information including several sample question papers and answers for all three levels.
  • The RSGB has an extensive range of books and CD’s available for ordering from its On-line Catalogue.

Note: Post publication updates and corrections to the books listed above can be found on the Books Extra page.


The syllabus (in PDF format) for each of three exams can be downloaded from this web page.



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