THURROCK TRAINING TEAM supports people as they work towards their exams by providing tuition, if required, at the Foundation and Intermediate levels;

  • Group tuition for people who prefer face-to-face learning
  • Support for those happy to learn on their own

Presentations and recommended reading can be found on the Foundation resources and Intermediate resources pages. For anyone needing help with studying for the advanced exam we suggest the Bath Based Distance Learning course.

WHEN PLANNING COURSES and exams the Training Team try to be as flexible and sensitive to the needs of people as possible and aspire to best practice.

STEVE HARTLEY (G0FUW) as Chairman of the RSGB Training and Education Committee, wrote…

“Whilst I would be the first to recommend face-to-face training, especially for newcommers, there are circumstances where this is not appropriate.

Pre-qualified people can be fast tracked with little risk to ‘the hobby’; if someone is capapble of building and flying a research satellite, they are unlikely to need six weeks going through the likes of Ohms law and how to interpret a frequency to wavelength conversion chart. It is a fair bet they can read the text book in an afternoon and fill in gaps in their operating knowledge through doing good practical assessments.

There are those who, for various reasons, are unable to get to conventional classes (eg disabled, those with caring responsibilities, those who work shifts). If they are keen they can be guided through the books using e-mail or social media with 1:1 assessments and exams arranged by mutual agreement and sensible care over sensitive cases. Home exams for those that cannot get to an exam center are allowed and there is a process to make that happen.”

PLEASE USE THIS FORM to enquire about:

  • joining a face-to-face group tuition course
  • arranging practical assessments
  • arranging to take an exam
  • arrangements for special needs
  • any other tuition enquiries

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