SCAM (phishing) EMAILS

In case you are not aware, there are a number of scam emails in circulation most of which, or a variations of them, have been around for quite some time, purporting to be from paypal and as many hams use ebay it is worth repeating the advice to delete any email that you are not expecting from paypal or your bank or credit card company.

One variation is headed: “service paypal <>”

I received one yesterday (I know it was April fools day, but I take these seriously) headed: “paypal account you are logged in different locations Paypal <>” (notice the ‘pypal’ instead of ‘paypal’)

The variations I know of so far advise that your account has been limited and tempt you into following a link to a site that is not paypal to change your password and verify bank details etc which captures all that you type leaving you open to fraudulent transactions in your name or emptying your bank account.

If unsure stay safe, delete it.