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18th of November Congratulations to Lauren M6HLR on passing the Intermediate exam today.
18th of October Lord Tony Hall, the BBC Director General, officially opened of the new G8BBC radio shack at Broadcasting House and then passed a greetings message to GB2RN aboard HMS Belfast.
15th of September John G4LTH starts his activation of uninhabited Scottish islands
3rd of August Ofcom published it’s communications market report
1st of August 2017 Lauren M6HLR (aged 12) completes the Wainwrights on the Air challenge.
28th of July 2017 Alan Betts G0HIQ stepped down from his 15 year service as Chair of the Examination Group.
June 2017 RSGB publishes Radio Amateur Examinations Draft Specification for exams held after the 1st of July 2018.
6th of May 2017 Ethan M6IYS and Kaleb M6IYV pass the foundation exam.
25th of April 2017 Andy M6KUX passes the foundation exam.
21st of March 2017 Co-founder and outgoing Chair, Nick G4HCK, awarded the Club’s first honorary life membership.
16th of December 2016 The RSGB announced, starting mid-January 2017, it will pilot on-line Advanced exams in exam centres that have internet access.
8th of December 2016 Gordon M0WJL passes the advanced exam.
10th of September 2016 Miles M0LHA and Martin M0YRM on pass the advanced exam.
October 2016 Nigel M0ICH passes the advanced exam.
1st of July 2016 Rupert Thorogood, G3KKT, RSGB Company Secretary became a Silent Key last weekend.
27th of June 2016 Miles 2E0ERI on passes the intermediate exam.
7th of May 2016 Steve Hartley, G0FUW, appointed Chairman of the RSGB Board
27th of April 2016 Miles M6LSZ achieves 100% in the foundation exam.
12th of April 2016 Lee M6LHN, on passes the foundation exam.
24th of March 2016 Ofcom’s Control of Interference Regulations 2016 (moved or removed)
10th of March 2016 Steve M1ACB new General Manager of RSGB
11th of March 2016 Silent key – Gary M6GJJ
6th of March 2016 Special Contest Call Signs are now issued by RSGB.
8th of January 2016 RSGB warns – AROS, in conjunction with the ETCC, has noted a number of UK amateurs operating internet linked nodes carrying third party traffic in violation of the conditions of the licence.
8th of January 2016 Tim Peake’s historic QSO from the ISS with students at Sandringham School, St. Albans.
28th of December 2015 Clacton-on-Sea DMR repeater GB7CL now on-air. 430.6375 and 439.6375MHz, colour code 3.
21st of December 2015 Louis M6LGG and two ATC Cadets on pass the Foundation exam.
6th of December 2015 ATC Cadets Hance and Williams pass the Foundation exam and their C/O D Attersley passed the Intermediate exam.
4th of December 2015 Ofcom gave notice of decision to revoke amateur radio licences Over 500 lincenses revoked (moved or removed).
4th of December 2015 Ofcom published it’s proposed Annual Plan for 2016/17.
7th of October 2015 Darren and Gary on pass the Foundation Exam.
1st of October 2015 Exam questions are now based on the new UK Licence conditions and RSGB is now solely responsible for management of the exams.
25th of September 2015 GB2RS is 60 Years Old!
23rd of September 2015 The 5 millionth Raspberry Pi rolls off the production line.
20th of September 2015 RSGB to take over the RCF exam management role from the 1st of October.
20th of September 2015 Intruders on Amateur Bands
4th of September 2015 SILENT KEY – Clive G1EUC CARS Training Manager.
24th of July 2015 RSGB announced that from 1st of October exam questions will be based on the new UK Licence conditions.
26th of June 2015 Ray G8CBU awarded the MBE in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours for his service to Scouting.
24th of May 2015 Ofcom published the Extension of Receive Only Earth Stations (ROES) to 7850 – 7900 MHz and 25.5 – 26.5 GHz Recognised Spectrum Access
26th of March 2015 Ofcom publishes its Annual Plan 2015/16 (moved or removed)
12th of March 2015 Ofcom publishes Amateur Radio Licence Notice of Variation (moved or removed)
6th of January 2015 Ofcom published an Update on the Key Issues to be considered at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (moved or removed)
5th of January 2015 Ofcom launched a Consultation on draft regulations for new wireless telegraphy legislation, intended to keep pace with technological advances to control interference.
5th of January 2015 Ofcom published it’s Draft Annual Plan 2015/16 Event Details (moved or removed)
5th of December 2014 Ofcom published it’s Statement (moved or removed) on updating the Amateur Radio Licence.
4th of December 2014 Ofcom published it’s Call for Inputs as part of its strategic review of the 420-470 MHz spectrum band.
20th of October 2014 The 4M Moon Orbiter carrying Ham Radio payload to launch on the 23rd of October 2014.
8th of October 2014 The MET Office announced the UK’s only dedicated space weather forecast centre is now open.
10th of October 2014 Ofcom published it’s Statement on the release of spectrum within the frequency ranges 143 MHz to 169 MHz.
9th of September 2014 Ofcom published it’s Consultation for updating the amateur radio licence.
14th of August 2014 Ham radio will be going lunar later this year!
9th of August 2014 August is Japan SSTV month. For more formation see the JASTA SSTV Activity Contest Rules
23rd of July 2014 Ofcom Call for Input (moved or removed) on Promoting investment and innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT)
27th of June 2014 Ofcom Consultation (moved or removed) on the UK preparations for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15)
24th of June 2014 TX Factor now brings you the GB2RS news read by their own presenters!
25th of May 2014 Waters & Stanton’s 24th Open Day. A Report by Dave M5ABP.
30th of April 2014 Ofcom published its Spectrum Management Strategy and Statement on Spectrum Sharing – Spectrum blueprint for the next decade (Removed from Ofcom site)
16th of April 2014 STELAR has issued this challenge – The STELAR Project 2014
8th of April 2014 The RSGB said “Users of the 5 MHz frequencies will know that this portion of spectrum is allocated (by NoV only) for amateur use on a secondary basis, available on the basis of non-interference to other services inside the UK.

Ofcom have indicated that, during the coming days, there may be temporary increased usage of the band by the primary user and thus particular care should be exercised to ensure that frequencies are not in use before calling CQ.”

7th of April 2014 Ofcom published a statement on the amateur use of spectrum in the 2.3 GHz and 3.4 GHz bands.

Following consultation last year, Ofcom decided to remove from the Amateur Radio Licence all frequencies in these bands which overlap with those planned for award (2350 to 2390 and 3410 to 3475 MHz), giving amateurs at least twelve months’ notice of this intention.

Ofcom has also decided to retain amateur access to the adjacent bands, and put in place a procedure to enable these frequencies to be removed from the Amateur Radio Licence if necessary in future.

Ofcom has been required by the Ministry of Defence to implement measures to ensure the MoD’s systems are adequately protected from interference from amateur uses in both the release and adjacent bands. Today’s statement therefore contains guidance from Ofcom with which amateur users must comply, with immediate effect, when using these frequencies.

Amateur users of the 2310 to 2350 MHz band are requested to register their use and provide contact details to Ofcom.

24th of March 2014 Ofcom published a consultation on the release of around 6 MHz of VHF spectrum in the 143 to 169 MHz band, which has been returned for civil use.

The consultation summarises responses to an earlier Call for Input on the release of spectrum in England, Wales and Northern Ireland between 143 and 156 MHz spectrum. Today’s document also encompasses spectrum that has been returned for civil use between 168 MHz and 169 MHz. Since the Call for Input was published, this spectrum is now available on a UK-wide basis.

The consultation explains Ofcom’s proposed approach to allocating the released spectrum, including a proposal that spectrum be made available on a first-come-first-served basis through Ofcom’s current Business Radio licence products. Responses to the proposals are invited by 26 May 2014.

27th of March 2014 A new development – Ink-jet printed circuits
21st of February 2014 TX Factor, the ham radio TV channel launched with Episode One
13th of November 2013 The very particular world of amateur radio
13th of October 2013 Ofcom’s licensing review. The pre-consultation updates discussion document document (moved or removed). Licences must be re-validated every 5 years or they lapse and a charge of £20 may be made to reactivate them.

Re-validation can be done on-line by visiting the Ofcom site or by phone on 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040. Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17.00.

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