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Acorns Meeting November 2018

Can you hear the picture?

The November talk was by founder member, Nick G4HCK, on his experience of MMSSTV, i.e sending pictures via SSB, FM and repeaters. “I’ve no idea what all the buttons do, but it works!”, encouraged those who might have been overwhelmed by all the settings. This is the value of club meetings, Nick showed how easy it is to send and receive pictures (visual medium) over the radio (audio medium) using free MMSSTV software and he instantly answered questions that might have taken ages to look up in the manual.

Paul G4MJM (TAARC Chair), photo by Nigel M0ICH

Acorns Meeting October 2018

Conveying a sense of enthusiasm is the key to any good talk – as demonstrated by Acorns Member Gary M6GPM, who gave a presentation and demonstration of DMR at the October club meeting. He brought two hand-helds and a hot spot connected to his mobile phone from which we were able to listen in to a conversation with a station from America in Grays, Essex. The hands-on demo was followed by a short YouTube video that covered the more technical aspects of Talk-Groups, Time Slots and Code Plugs. A useful encouragement into this aspect of the hobby.

Paul G4MJM (TAARC Chair), photo by Nigel M0ICH